Experience the therapeutic power of essential oil in a relaxing and restorative massage that combines the sense of smell and the healing power of touch.

Every form of body massage is effectual in its own way but the aromatherapy body massage is something that is really advanced and most effective. It involves mixing up of aromatherapy fundamental oils to aggravate a particular stimulus in the body. The sense of smell can be more influencing and effective than most of the people imagine.

Aromatherapy body massage takes advantage of this sensory reception to affect the individual mentally and physically.

The odour of the vital oils that are used in the aromatherapy pass through the limbic system of the human body until it reaches the brain. It activates and promotes most of the emotional, hormonal and nervous responses that are taking place gradually in human body. This results in the decreased amount of stress.

Aromatherapy body massage promotes and enhances a feel of jubilation and exultation. It has also known to be successful in provoking mental abilities and memory. It helps in regulating the digestive functioning of your body and strengthening the defensive system of the body.

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